I'm happy to announce that we have just released the latest updates to Remoting SDK and Data Abstract.

Version 9 has had a good run, and this week's release of 9.7 marks the last planned update for the RODA9 cycle before we move on to fully focus on Version 10.

Remoting SDK and Data Abstract 9.7 build upon the 9.6 release from March to mainly provide bug fixes and minor enhancements throughout the product. There's been fixes and improvements for every platform. One major feature in 9.7 is support for Microsoft's latest Visual Studio 2019 IDE, for the .NET platform, and for Java and Cocoa, if you are using RODA with Elements.

Version 9.7 is available now, as a free update to all users with an active subscription, and as free 30-day trial.

About Remoting SDK

Remoting SDK is a framework for building scalable distributed applications, available for all modern development platforms, from .NET over Delphi to Java and Cocoa. It seamlessly lets you expose server functionality to be called from client applications in an object-oriented fashion, abstracting platform differences and providing secure and scalable communication.

About Data Abstract

Data Abstract is the premiere multi-tier data access framework. Available for .NET, Delphi, Cocoa, Java/Android and JavaScript, it lets you build database-driven applications that provide secure and scalable data access with a powerful middle-tier layer that keeps control of your data.