Hey everyone.

Over the past couple of weeks, we've been working on some new "introduction" videos for Remoting SDK and Data Abstract. These videos aim at giving a quick overview for getting started with each of the products, on each of the two major development platforms: .NET and Delphi.

If you've been using RO or DA for a while this will be old hat, but for those of you exploring these products fresh, we hope the videos will help you get started.

Each video walks you through:

  • Creating a server application using your platform of choice (either Delphi 10.3 or Visual C# in Visual Studio 2019 — although the same concepts will apply to other versions of the IDE, and other .NET languages such as VB or Oxygene as well)
  • A quick overview of what's going on behind the scenes, and
  • Implementing a matching client app that talks to the server.

Data Abstract

If you're interested in the multi-tier database level, check out these two videos first to learn about Data Abstract. You'll see that the concepts are very similar between the platforms, as the heart of a DA server is the Schema, which works platform-independently. In our next DA video, we'll explore Schemas and the magic of the middle tier in more depth.

Remoting SDK

Remoting SDK will be your cup of tea if you don't care about data, but just want to execute some remote code on the server, at your client's request. Of course Remoting SDK also (transparently) provides the networking for Data Abstract, so these can also be of interest if you want to take your DA skills to the next level by tweaking the SDK layer:

The above videos come from our YouTube Channel, but you can also find them, and many more, on our RemObjects TV website in a more distraction-free environment.

Hope you enjoyed these and, as Kelly likes to say at the end: stay tuned for more videos!