Yesterday I finished the article about XML-RPC in RemObject SDK (which can be found here).

XML-RPC is a Remote Procedure Call specification based on XML, similar to SOAP, but written to be as simple as possible, while still allowing for more complex data structures. As it is simple and easy to use, there are now many implementations for just about any programming language including C, Perl, PHP, Java, Javascript , Python, Delphi and .NET (the latter two are supported by the RemObjects SDK).

The cool new thing in V5 is a Service Builder code generation plug-in that creates .inc files to use from PHP. As XML-RPC doesn’t have any metadata like WSDL has for a SOAP service, the declarations for using XML-RPC services have to be provided. To do this manually, the xmlrpcmsg for every call and the xmlrpcval for every parameter would need to be added by hand, making it much easier to make mistakes.

Check out the article for more info