Are you interested in iOS and Xcode development?  How about sharing data between platforms?  Will you be in the Aalborg, Denmark area on Tuesday the 21st of September?  Then we’ve got a show for you!

Jens Fudge pointed out that Denmark isn’t to far off, and you know what that means?  “ROad Trip!”  Jens is coordinating with Uffe Koch of Huge Lawn Software to host a mini-workshop in Aalborg, Denmark.

Here is what we have planned:

  • Sharing data between a PC, Mac or Linux with an iOS device
  • Proper data architecture for a mobile device
  • What’s new in RemObjects SDK and Data Abstract for Xcode and iOS
  • And Uffe said something about Pizza

This event is free, and I am planning to cover most of the same material I will be covering at 360iDev, plus some.  So if you are near by we would love you to join with us!  Leave a comment here, and we will email you with more details as the event gets closer.

We are still working things out, so plan on more details coming out as things get closer!