Hi everyone.

Hot on the heels of our major new releases in March, we’ve just shipped a round of small interim updates across the entire product line, including Elements 8.3, Remoting SDK and Data Abstract 9.0, as well as Hydra 4.

These are minor interim releases that focus on bug fixes and smaller improvements to round off what we released in March, and they should increase stability and usability of that (already pretty excellent) release. We recommend everyone to update to the new version as soon as possible.

Small as it may be, the change logs nonetheless look pretty impressive. Especially on the Elements and Fire side, there have been a lot of enhancements. Sugar has been improved a lot as well, as has Swift support.

For Data Abstract, Remoting SDK and Hydra, we have also added support for the latest and ever-more-ridiculously named Delphi version – Delphi 10.1 “Berlin”.

As always, these are free updates for everyone with an active subscription, and the trial builds have also been updated.