Continuing our blog series on the (many) cool new features coming in Elements 8.4 later this Fall, today I want to look at a nifty little editor feature new in Fire (and coming in this Friday's beta): Inline Locals.

Fire has always had the ability to let you evaluate the values of local variables or expressions inline inside the editor. Simply put your cursor on an identifier, or select a more complex expression, and Fire will show the corresponding value right in the editors, to the right hand side.

In 8.4 we've expanded on this to now automatically show you the values of all locals:

As soon as you hit a breakpoint or otherwise stop execution, the whole method body gets annotated with evaluations, where applicable. All local variables have their current value indicated at their line of declaration, and you can also see the current value of all parameters passed to the method, as well. Where applicable, the value of the self (or this, in C# speak) pointer will be shown as well.

Elements 8.4 is shaping up to be an exciting release – what do you think?