New forum preview

In the last year, we’ve been looking into a better forum to replace Connect to overcome the issue it’s having with search and notifications »

How "await" works

A while ago, marc wrote about our “await” keyword added in Oxygene 5.1. “Await” is a new language element for the .NET 4.5 framework »

Spell checking in code

Last year marc wrote about our spell checking in code feature for Oxygene. This feature lets you continue using code completion after you made a typo »

Oxygene by Example - Singleton

This is the first item in my series “Oxygene by Example”, this time about singletons. Singleton classes are used when there’s only ever one instance »

Oxygene by Example

Last week I started on a series of articles called Oxygene by Example. They’re stored in the wiki at and »

RemObjects (ECMA) Script

We recently finished a new version of RemObjects Script (Old version, New version), our open source implementation of the ECMAScript (JavaScript) language. This new version is »

DA/.NET Client-Side Scripting

We just finished our dataset scripting support for Data Abstract for .NET. DA now lets you define scripts on the server side (inside the schema), that »

.NET 4.0 BigInteger support

The February release of Delphi Prism will include support for the new .NET 4.0 “BigInteger” type for all integer constants. BigInteger is a new class »

New blog engine

Today we switched to to a new blog engine (WordPress to be specific), all addresses should have stayed compatible and so if you’re reading this »


A few releases ago we switched to Obfuscar for obfuscation of our libraries, after some critical issues with the commercial obfuscator that we used. I’ve »